BinTrac® Breeder Control

The Bintrac® Breeder Control when used in place of a standard BinTrac Indicator, provides output control for batching programmed amounts into or out of a weigh bin.


  • Accurately batch programmed amounts
  • Eliminate in-line weigh hoppers and separate weigh bins
  • Accurately monitor bin inventory

The same great accuracy and reliability you expect with the features you have grown accustomed to.

  • No field Calibration required
  • Automatically detects and logs FILLS and USAGE
  • 1-year Lightning Warranty on load cells

Bintrac® Breeder Control Configurations

The Bintrac® Breeder Control can be used in place of a standard BinTrac® Indicator and has two different types of configurations.

  • Unload Configuration

    The BinTrac® bin weighing system with the BinTrac® Breeder Control allows the user to program the amount of feed to remove from the bin. The BinTrac® Breeder Control will enable the feed line system until the desired batch amount has been delivered into the house. When the total amount of feed has been delivered, the Breeder Control shuts down the feed line system.

  • Load Configuration

    The BinTrac® Breeder Control allows the user to select the amount of feed required for the day. The Breeder Control activates the feed line to batch feed to the weigh bin. The Weigh Bin is equipped with the BinTrac® bin weighing system to weigh the incoming feed. When the total amount of the batch is loaded into the Weigh Bin, the Breeder Control shuts down the feed line. In some cases, users will install the BinTrac® bin weighing system on both bins to manage the Fill bin inventory as well.

BinTrac® Breeder Control Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I set it up to batch at a specific time of day?

    The Breeder Control has a internal clock and can be programmed to start a batch at any time of day and repeat each day at the same time.

  • Can I batch out of my inventory bin and eliminate my weigh bin or weigh hopper?

    The Breeder Control with the BinTrac® bin weighing system placed on your inventory bin can batch programmed amounts out of your inventory bin.   This eliminates the need for an extra weigh bin or in-house weigh hopper.   The ability to batch out of the inventory bin allows users to accurately monitor their feed inventory at the site.

  • How does the BinTrac® Breeder Control work with my feeding system?

    The Breeder Control works with most feeding systems.  It can be interlocked with your feeding system to allow feeding until the batch amount is met and at which time it disables the feedline from running.  The in-house feeder limit switches can start and stop feed lines without interrupting a batch.  Breeder stays in batch run mode until the programmed batch amount is reached.

  • Can I program my own batch size or are these pre-defined?

    At any time you can manually program a batch amount and initiate a batch.   The batch amount is retained between batches and can easily be adjusted.   A scheduled batch can also be programmed which is repeated each day for the same amount, but can easily be adjusted.

  • How often do I need to calibrate the system?

    The BinTrac® bin weighing system uses precision calibrated loadcells (calibrated for temperature, output, linearity, and zero) that eliminates the need to calibrate like many mechanical systems. While these mechanical systems are affected temperature and sticktion due to mechanical movement, BinTrac® bin weighing systems are not.