BinTrac® Feed System Manager

The Bintrac® Feed System Manager website allows you to manage your inventory remotely from anywhere and from any device.


  • Current feed inventory & use
  • Feed Inventory and Feed Inventory Forecast reports available
  • Historical graphs of inventory & usage
  • Automated alerts sent via Email and/or Text Message

BinTrac® Feed System Manager Website Features

  • Home

    • Google API displays a list of sites and a high level view of of the current status.
    • Color coded to identify any potential issues
      • Site not reporting
      • Low or out of feed situations
  • Site Summary Page

    • One-click detail of each site
    • Current Feed Level
    • Current Usage
    • Usage Trend
  • Feed Inventory Reports

    • Feed inventory by Barn or Bin
    • Inventory forecast report to identify when orders need to be completed
    • Fill Event Reports to verify orders
  • Feed Inventory Graphs

    • Current Feed Bin Inventory and usage graphs
    • 5 day bin graphs by site
    • Historical graphing up to 105 days
  • Automated Alerts

    • Flexible alert setup
    • Email or text message options
    • Multiple alerts including zero usage and device changes
    • Fill Events for delivery verification