Batching Control Setup Video Released

Batching Control Setup by BinTrac

HerdStar is pleased to announce the Batching Control Setup video, the latest release in our series of BinTrac instructional videos.  This video will guide you through a few simple steps to configure the basic system parameters of a BinTrac BTB-200 or DBTB-200 batching system.​

Bt200 and Bt260 Batching Control By BinTrac

The video provides instructions for setting up the following system parameters:​

  • Load or Unload batching mode (b.tyPE)​
  • Total load cell capacity of system (L.C.CAP)​
  • Total bin capacity (FuLL)​
  • Weight of empty bin (ZEro)​
  • Local time (Hour)​

WATCH VIDEO BELOW – BATCHING CONTROL Configure Basic System Parameters

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BOOKMARK the links below to Operation and Installation manuals for the Batching Controls.​
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