Breeders and Broilers

BinTrac® Breeder Batching Control System helps producers better control feeding and manage feed consumption and inventory

Using the BinTrac Breeder Batching Control System, producers can ultimately monitor and control their feeding operations as well as collect the data needed to properly analyze their operation by connecting their third party house controller to the BinTrac® system. Interfaces to most of the standard house controllers are available; please consult your local dealer for details on a BinTrac® HouseLink™ interface to the following control systems:

System Integrators



BinTrac System Overview

Bin Weighing Module

Load cell with patented mounting bracket that stores and displays current inventory by bin, 24-hour feed use and feed delivery weight.

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Batching Control System

Electronic Feed Weighing System replacing mechanical scales with an integrated solution for bin filling, batching and feed tracking.

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HouseLINK™ Interfaces

HouseLINK™ is hardware designed to transmit data from the BinTrac bin weighing system to any third-party house control system.

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Site Communications

Proprietary radios that connects our Communication Hub.

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Remote Data Collection

Data is collected and stored on our secure database or manually collected on site through BinLINK.

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BinTrac Vision

Complete web-based remote monitoring solution. Access data anywhere using any web browser on a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

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