Feed Mills

BinTrac® helps makes the logistics of feed deliveries easy with BinTrac® VISION

BinTrac® Feed Bin Weighing System offers a complete bin weighing solution, by staying remotely connected to all customer sites and locations. Utilizing our state of the art web-based BinTrac VISION, puts both producer and Feed Mill Manager at ease. Empty bins and guesswork are eliminated as system shows feed bin levels, allows verification of delivery weights, eliminates unnecessary costly deliveries, indicates how many days until bins are empty, all while increasing profits on “just in time” properly scheduled deliveries.




BinTrac System Overview

Bin Weighing Module

Load cell with patented mounting bracket that stores and displays current inventory by bin, 24-hour feed use and feed delivery weight.

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HouseLINK™ Interfaces

HouseLINK™ is hardware designed to transmit data from the BinTrac bin weighing system to any third-party house control system.

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Site Communications

Proprietary radios that connects our Communication Hub.

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Remote Data Collection

Data is collected and stored on our secure database or manually collected on site through BinLINK.

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BinTrac Vision

Complete web-based remote monitoring solution. Access data anywhere using any web browser on a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

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Breeder Control

Electronic Feed Weighing System replacing mechanical scales with an integrated solution for bin filling, batching and feed tracking.

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