BinTrac® Bin Weighing Module

The feed bin weighing module consists of our BinTrac Indicator, Smart Summing Box, Power Supply and our patented Load Cell bracket assembly.

  • Proprietary design helps protect the system from electrical surge like lightning
  • Easy installation on New or Existing bins
  • The bracket does the lifting
  • No field calibration required
  • One year lightning warranty on load cells





BinTrac® Bin Weighing Module

Bintrac is a complete system with various interfaces in addition to site communications to remotely monitor multiple sites.

  • BinTrac Indicator

    • Numerical weight display
    • Up to 4 bins per indicator
    • Locate up to 250 ft from bin
    • Low voltage electronics
  • “A” Frame Brackets

    • Easily installs on new or existing bins
    • Brackets secured to bin leg and concrete
    • Upon turning the lifting bolt raises bin
    • As bin lifts weight is transferred to load cell
  • Digital Summing Box

    • Minimizes load cell cabling
    • Protects load cell from power surges and lightning
    • Simplifies troubleshooting
  • High Capacity Load Cells (Pancake and Canister)

    • High Capacity (up to 50,000 lbs.)
    • Low Profile, High Accuracy
    • Welding Plate makes mounting any leg style easy

The BinTrac® bin weighing module has multiple load cells that use our patented “A” frame bracket design. They are available in 2,500 lb, 5,000 lb, 10,000 lb or 15,000 lb models. These can be attached to virtually any bin by using one of our various adapters. Additionally, we have two styles of high capacity load cells available. Our pancake style load cells provide an alternative solution for high capacity applications where the bin can set directly on the assembly. Our canister style load cell is a drop in replacement that allows you to upgrade your existing system to the quality, accuracy and reliability of BinTrac. Check out the photo gallery for all the load cell and adapter options and please contact us with any questions you may have.

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Photo Gallery

Adapters are available for different leg styles, providing easy installation on most bins. Typical mounting adapters are shown below.

  • Installation

  • Load Cell Options

  • Adapter Options