BinTrac® Vision / Mobile

The BinTrac® Vision/Mobile websites allow users to manage feed inventory and consumption data remotely from anywhere and from any device.


  • Improve Live Weight Predictability
  • Manage Phase Feeding compliance
  • Improve Feed Mill Performance
  • Manage Animal Health
  • Safety





BinTrac Vision goes beyond ordinary bin scales. It lets you go deeper into the data to make business decisions related to process control and feed mill performance. It allows you to better manage phase feeding and the overall health of the animals. The ability to view the data from anywhere makes for a safer work environment along with improving bio-security on-site.

GRAPHING through BinTrac Vision/Mobile

  • Bin Graphing

    • Tandem and single bin level with usage graphing
    • Identify slide management issues
    • Ensure phase feeding compliance
    • Easily identify bridging and feed line issues
  • Consumption Graphs

    • Daily average consumption per animal, bin or barn/house
    • Moving 3-day average consumption
    • Group data entry to manage groups and flocks
    • Live Weight Predictability
  • New Historical Graphing Data

    Usage Trend calculation is available within the bin detail screen.

    Historical Graphs are readily accessible.

    • Access the Link below the standard 7-day bin level/usage graph
    • Simple access to all available bins
    • Selectable Days to Graph: 15,30,45,60,75,90,105,120
    • Selectable # of Days Average Usage: 2,3,4,5,6, or 7 day
    • Export to EXCEL hourly data over the selected date range


  • Historical Graphs

    • Automatically displays graph data values of selected date/time
    • Improved ZOOM feature of the historical graph with scrolling feature
    • Formatted for easy viewing on any computer, tablet, or portable device
    • Print in multiple file formats: PNG,JPEG,PDF,SVG
    • Selectable starting date of Historical Graph up to 12 months
    • Viewing in 4 different units (lb, Kg, Ton, Metric Tons)
  • Feed Usage Data Report

    • Analyze daily, weekly and monthly usage for up to 6 months
    • Tandem or single bin data
    • Verify feed deliveries
    • Ensure overall Animal Health

REPORTING through BinTrac Vision/Mobile

  • Feed Order Forecast Reports

    • 5-day predictive orders based on usage and bin capacity
    • Available by bin or barn/house
    • Color coded based on days to empty
    • Eliminates emergency feed orders
  • Fill Event Report

    • Track feed delivery for the last 6 months
    • Verify delivery to the correct bin and the correct site

Ready to take a look at some live data? Simply click the yellow login button on this page and enter”guest” as your username and password.