BinTrac® HouseLINK Interface Options

The BinTrac® HouseLINK family of interfaces allows you to connect to virtually any third-party control on the market.

  • Allows for isolation of bin scales from the house control
  • Ability to see bin weights on both the house control and the bin
  • Locate HouseLink device up to 250 ft from bin


BinTrac® HouseLINK™

Our team has worked with the teams from the industry leading control manufacturers to develop interfaces that connect via ANALOG, DIGITAL, PROPORTIONAL, SERIAL and ETHERNET. No matter how your control communicates, BinTrac® likely has a HouseLINK™ Interface that will work for you.

System Integrators


HouseLINK System


The HouseLINK Analog (HL-10A) provides a 0-10 VDC analog voltage output proportional to the weight.

  • Analog input required on third party controller or PLC
  • Uses proprietary Power Supply that provides better protection against power surges and lightning
  • Requires 1 HL-10A for every bin


The HouseLINK Digital (HL-10D) provides a user configurable pulsed output as weight is removed from the bin.

  • Digital input required on third party controller
  • Simulates a dump scale
  • Compatible with ChoreTronics® II or III controller
  • Utilizes the Power Supply from the BinTrac® bin weighing system
  • Requires 1 HL-10D for every BinTrac® Indicator.


The HouseLINK Proportional (HL-10P) provides a 2-3 mV/V output proportional to the bin weight.

  • Simulates analog load cells
  • Get power through the excitation of the control
  • HL-10P is compatible with Rotem® controls. The Rotem controller will require a scale card, silo plug and scale card power supply to work.
  • HL-10P (Low Voltage) is compatible with Maximus controls when connected to the Maximus scale card
  • Requires 1 HL-10P or HL-10P (Low Voltage) per bin.


The HouseLINK Serial (HL-10S) provides an RS232 or RS485 serial interface to peripheral serial devices.

  • The HouseLINK 10S supports broadcast or polled protocols via ASCII or MODBUS data formats.
  • Used with proprietary power supply that provides better protection against power surges and lightning.
  • Compatible with AEI, PMSI, MTech-Systems or other PLC.
  • Requires 1 HL-10S per connected Serial device.


The HouseLINK Ethernet (HL-10E) provides an Ethernet data connection to the BinTrac® bin weighing system.

  • The HouseLINK 10E supports Modbus TCP or XML for communications with a PLC or other devices.
  • Used with proprietary power supply that provides better protection against power surges and lightning.
  • A built in web server provides easy setup and access to weight data
  • Maximum of 8 Bintrac indicators per HL-10E per connected PLC or other device.

NEW Product Spotlight

BT260 BinTrac Weighing Module

  • Large 6-digit numerical weight display

  • Up to 4 bins per indicator

  • Monitor 24 hr. feed use for past 4 days

  • Locate up to 250 ft. from bin

  • Low voltage electronics

  • Supports BinTrac Vision – cloud based remote monitoring