BinTrac® Site Communications

BinTrac® bin weighing systems utilizes proprietary communications that was developed by our Engineers to help make BinTrac the most reliable system on the market. Our centralized Communication Hub allows you to communicate feed bin inventory/usage data to a PC on site or remotely via Cellular or Internet.




Site Communications Module

The Site Communications module utilizes BinTrac® proprietary communications that is fully isolated and has reduced susceptibility to noise. This also reduces differences in ground potentials and surges and provides lightning protection. A single 4 conductor cable connects multiple devices.

  • Wireless LAN

    • Industrial Radios
    • Eliminates site wiring and provides complete isolation between BinTrac indicators
    •  900MHZ radios provide reliable performance
    • Transmit up to 4 miles line of site
    • Network up to 99 BinTrac indicators per site
  • Communications Hub

    • Communicates with all BinTrac® devices on site
    • On site data provided to your local PC using BinLink
    • Connects via Cellular modem using our “Always On” Data Service*
    • Can use your existing Internet connection but does require a Static IP**

    *Fee applies**Can be obtained from your Internet Provider