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BT260 Bin Level Indicator with large 6-digit indicator

BinTrac BT260 Bin Level Indicator with LARGE DIGITS

Published: January 5, 2019
BT260 Bin Level Indicator features large .56 in LED digits – nearly twice the size of standard display – for ease of readability. It’s plain to see why the NEW BT260 Bin Level Indicator surpasses industry expectations. A graphic visual of the bin provides a quick read of the bin level.   Every BinTrac Indicator stores…Read More
HouseLINK 10P (HL-10P) Interface for Bin Weighing System

HL-10P Product Software Update

Published: November 7, 2018
In order to support an interface with the NEW Rotem® Pro and Touch controllers, HerdStar® has quickly responded with the introduction of updated software for the HL-10P HouseLINK used on the BinTrac® system.  In addition, the NEW Released Version 1.02 software will continue to support the interface for the Rotem Platinum Plus controllers. The HL-10P is designed to connect to existing BinTrac Bin Weighing Systems and transmit…Read More